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A Study on the Effect of De-Selection on Elite Youth Footballers Essay

A Study on the Effect of De-Selection on Elite Youth Footballers - Essay Example The entrants to the scholarship program were from the best players between age 16 and 19. Each of the participants performed two interviews. Each interview averaged a time of sixty minutes. The interviews were conducted in locations of their choice. The interviews did not follow a tight schedule; instead, they were reflexive with provisional themes prepared moments before the interviews. The role of the interviewer was to enable the interviewee to narrate his tale in his own manner. Thus, the interviewer was an active listener. The interviewer stored each interview in an audiotape and transcribed before another interview took place. The interviewer pursued emerging issues in the next interview. After the accumulation of the data, the researchers analyzed it by reading the transcripts with the view of identifying narrative segments and themes in the transcripts. They then followed this with writing analytical memos to provide links to common themes. The researchers followed these iden tical concepts in the next meeting. From the data obtained, the researchers were able to reconstruct the lives of the correspondents before and after their de-selection. The methodology used and justification for its use. ... 572). In the interpretive biography, researchers begin by finding written documents and other records. Some may be of a quantitative nature, but it is relevant if it helps describe a person’s life. Nevertheless, the main material in this research emanates from the numerous interviews the researcher has with the respondent. Of most interest, are events that led to a remarkable change in the respondent’s life. The researcher may want to visit the actual place where the event occurred. After this, the researcher tries to decipher the meaning of those events in the respondent’s life. The researcher may rely on his impression about the event. The interpretive biography method involves the use and acquisition of documents pertaining to a subject’s; personal life, accounts and narratives that elucidate on significant milestones in a person’s life. The central focus of the interpretive biography method is a person’s life experiences (Lewiss-Beck & Br yman 2004, p. 507). The use of the biographical method has its basis on the argument that, those who lived are the only ones who can know their lives. Alternatively, through their representations, which include stories and personal narratives among others. The meaning of these events is only visible in the performances of those who lived those lives. According to Thomas Murray 2003, researchers design biographies to serve several functions. One of the purposes is to preserve a record of a prominent person’s development and contributions. Another purpose is to correct mistaken identities. It can also serve to teach readers lessons through another person’s life or to trace public and private actions of the subject in view of finding

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Eco-feminism & political and social movement Essay Example for Free

Eco-feminism political and social movement Essay Eco-feminism can be defined a political and social movement which aims at combining feminism with environmentalism or, in other words, to unite deep ecology with feminist concepts. Actually, I have chosen eco-feminism as it draws relations between women oppression and degradation of nature. Environmental problems are of great concern now along with women equality. Nature is degrading and women’s rights are still discriminating. Therefore, eco-feminism argues that there is a strong link between degradation of women and oppression of women. Eco-feminism also explores the relations between sexism, racism, domination of nature and social inequality. It is known that eco-feminism originates from union of ecological thinkers and feminist which believe that social mentality is to blame for oppression of women and domination of men. It is directly related to abuse of environment. Eco-feminism is claimed to combine bioregional democracy with eco-anarchism. Eco-feminism strongly proclaims the importance of interrelations between humans and animals, human and insects, and the earth. Central idea of the feminism is that men ownership has resulted in dominator culture promoting food export, tragedy of the commons, abusive land ethics, exploitation of people and over-gazing. Land and animals are viewed only as economic resources and eco-feminism aims at fighting such positioning. The primary goal of eco-feminism is to re-define the views on productivity, attitudes of males and females towards nature and animals, as well as to prevent ill-using of animals and insects. The key figures in the development of eco-feminism are Carol Adams, Helene Aylon, Judi Bari, Mary Daly, Monica Sjoo, etc. For example, Carol Adams is interested in relations between feminism and vegetarianism. In her works she wrote that women ahs to abuse their rights to provide men with the best food. Summing up, the primary goal of eco-feminism is to explain associations between degradation of women and degradation of nature. Works Cited Eco-feminism. Available at http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Ecofeminism. Accessed April 20, 2008 List of Feminists. Available at http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/List_of_feminists. Accessed April 20, 2008

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Genetically Modified Crops Essay -- GMOs Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically Modified Crops Genetically modified crops (GM crops) climb to the top on the hotly debated issues list of society. In 1996, no GM crops were cultivated on a commercial scale in the United States. In 2002, 75% of soya, 71% of cotton, and 34% of all maize grown in America is GM ("Grim Reaper" 1). Many issues surround this controversial topic such as safety, ethics, and foreign relations. Many of these concerns are well stressed in mass media, but sometimes biased views are the only ones presented. Safety with human health and the effects on the environment appear to be the strongest and most discussed subject matter. While issues of concern accompany the usage of GM crops, argument can be made to justify their production. HISTORY What many people do not know is that genetic modification has been going on since the founder of Genetics, Gregor Mendel, cross- bred his pea plants for different affects. Many of the flowers sold and bought in our society are mutations and mixing of genes. "The corn we eat today is the result of decades of · self-pollination followed by cross-pollination to produce vigorous hybrid plants" ("History" 3). For well over a century, playing with genes has given humans a more cost and space efficient means of mass-producing plants, whether that is corn, potatoes, strawberries or flowers. The National Research Council met in 1989 to discuss some concerns over field testing of GM organisms (GMOs). A report from the National Academy of Science said, "Crops modified by genetic engineering should pose risks that are no different from those of cops modified by classical genetic methods" (Hokanson 1). These classical methods range from Mendel's cross-breeding to wi... Products being Developed" Council for Agricultural Science and Technology December 2, 1999 "Public 'Misled' On GE Risk" Knowledge Centre par. 8; Feb 25, 2001: "Risks and Concerns" Center for Life Sciences and Dept. of Soil and Crop Sciences Colorado State University Par. 12; August 19, 2002 Robinson, Clare. "GM Issues: An Introduction to the Scientific Issues of GM" John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK 2000: Stokstad, Erik. "A Little Pollen Goes a Long Way" Science Now July 1, 2002: 1-2. "What's Wrong with Genetic Engineering?" Organic Consumers Association Par.1;

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Orientation day at Seneca

This article is based on students who participated in Seneca College Orientation. It was a big success because everyone learned so much about their courses and everyone had fun. This orientation was for new students attending Seneca College, there are different departments of studies that were introduced. First, the president of Seneca College, David Jones welcomed students by his speech then after that, the president had every student in every department come up on the stage so that he could personally welcome everyone and give the students a pin.Along with some of the board members, everyone shook hands and personally greeted each other a welcome aboard greeting. Everyone was amazed by the start of this formal ceremony. After the welcome greeting, the president introduced Ms. Erin Grant, Alumni and also the Valedictorian of her school year. She was thrilled to be called on to greet the new students. She shared some quotes to encourage the new students and told them not to worry abo ut negative things because hard work is the key to success. It created a nice atmosphere among the students, because it took some pressure off their shoulders.After she delivered her lovely speech, the president and the board members left the gymnasium while the students remained in their seats waiting for their department of study to be called down so that they can meet with the faculty members so that they can discuss further details about the courses with their future students. The faculty discussed what the courses were about and what the expectations on each of them were. They gave out a lot of informations to help the students know what they are entering into. The discussion ended and everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch on Seneca grounds. It was an unforgettable Orientation day at Seneca.

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List of Elements That Are Nonmetals

The nonmetals are a group of elements located on the right side of the periodic table (except for hydrogen, which is on the top left). They are are also known as non-metals. These elements are distinctive in that they typically have low melting and boiling points, dont conduct heat or electricity very well, and tend to have high ionization energies and electronegativity values. They also dont have the shiny metallic appearance associated with the metals. While the metals are malleable and ductile, the nonmetals tend to form brittle solids. The nonmetals tend to gain electrons readily to fill their valence electrons shells, so their atoms often form negative-charged ions. Atoms of these elements have oxidation numbers of /- 4, -3, and -2. List of Nonmetals (Element Group) There are 7 elements that belong to the nonmetals group: Hydrogen (sometimes considered an alkali metal)CarbonNitrogenOxygenPhosphorusSulfurSelenium Although these are the elements in the group nonmetals, there are two additional element groups that could be included, since the halogens and noble gases also are types of nonmetals. List of All Elements That Are Nonmetals So, if we include the nonmetals group, halogens, and noble gases, all of the elements that are nonmetals are: Hydrogen (sometimes)CarbonNitrogenOxygenPhosphorusSulfurSeleniumFluorineChlorineBromineIodineAstatineTennessine (sometimes considered a halogen or metalloid)HeliumNeonArgonKryptonXenonRadonOganesson (possibly behaves as a noble gas, except it wont be a gas under ordinary conditions) Metallic Nonmetals Nonmetals are classified as such based on their properties under ordinary conditions. Metallic character isnt an all-or-nothing property. Carbon, for example, has allotropes that behave more like metals than nonmetals. Sometimes this element is considered to be a metalloid rather than a nonmetal. Hydrogen acts as an alkali metal under extreme pressure. Even oxygen has a metallic form as a solid. Significance of the Nonmetals Element Group Even though there are only 7 elements within the nonmetals group, two of these elements (hydrogen and helium) make up over 99% of the mass of the universe. Nonmetals form more compounds than metals. Living organisms consist mainly of nonmetals.

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Idea generation - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 10 Words: 3140 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Health Essay Type Essay any type Did you like this example? IDEA GENERATION MISSION:- To provide the best and cost-effective care, accessible to every patient, through integrated clinical practice, education and research, delivered with compassion, care and concern through team spirit and transparency. VISION:- To evolve as a unique university-based health centre where the quest for new knowledge would continuously yield more effective and more compassionate care for all. (2) To nurture a new generation of professionals of life-long commitment, dedication, knowledge, skills, wisdom and values. To strive for public trust and maintain medicines humane and noble place among professions. (4) To be globally competitive in healthcare and related businesses integrating local culture. OBJECTIVE:- To Upgrade its education and Research wing with the international standards and consequently develop healthcare solutions for under developed and developing areas. To register as a phenomenal growth by adding 5000 beds in the next five years. To Offer unique platform to various partners and collaborators, both national and international, to innovate in healthcare delivery systems, coverage systems like medical education and research. To develop healthcare solutions for underdeveloped and developing countries. To develop comprehensive healthcare delivery model that suits our population. To develop centers of excellence in medical specialties. Size of the Business: Our hospital is basically belonging from medium size business. Other clinics situated in that locality are small in size and have not developed laboratories. Capacity of our hospital will be `45 patients at once or 10 in emergency. We will take a building on lease atleast for 20 years and established our hospital. This building is situated near market and bus stand. Area of building is ten (10) khatha and building having 3 floors. It has fifteen single rooms and ten double rooms. A visiting lounge, rooms for staff (doctors) and for paramedical staff are also included. On ground floor there is 30Ãâ€"40 square feet hall, which is enough for a emergency. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Idea generation" essay for you Create order Doctors Physician Medical officers (M.O) Anesthetic specialist Pharmacist Neurosurgeon Pathologist Ophthalmologist surgeon Paramedic staff: Nurses, Dispenser, Operation thither assistant Laboratory assistant Services Provided: Our program emphasizes comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for patient with all types of medical conditions. In addition, we provide moral support to patients and families to cope with the challenges of illness. These include our Life Services department, which caters to the emotional and developmental well being of hospitalized patient and their families. Life Services: The first aid group of Hospitals Life Department focuses on the emotional and developmental well being of hospitalized patient and their families. REAL AND PERCEIVED VALUES:- To put patients interests first. The ideology dictates every aspect of the clinical governance, patient care and the work culture. We will achieve in delivering medical care with exceptional quality and that will be the result of these values-based health services. Practice medicine as an integrated team of compassionate physicians, scientists and allied health professionals. Education will be provided through efficient training and education of physicians, nurses and allied health professionals. Research will be on thebasis of advanced clinical research the helps to improve patient care and quality in every service. Our mutual respect will be â€Å"Treat everyone with respect and dignity†. We will try to improve all processes that support patient care, education and research. We will allocate resources with in the context of system rather than its individual entities. Reason for existence of our Hospital chain:- Healthcare industry is the worlds largest industry with total revenues of approx US$ 2.8 Trillion (2005). Indias high population makes it an important player in the Healthcare Industry. According to the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, the Indian healthcare industry has the potential to show the same exponential growth that the software industry showed in the past decade. In India, 80% of the healthcare expenditure is borne by the patients and that borne by the state is 12%. The expenditure covered by insurance claims is 3%. As a result, the price sensitivity is quite high and the high-level healthcare facilities are not in the reach of patients. Among the top five therapeutic segments, gastro-intestinal and cardiac therapies are experiencing both high volume and value growth. Opthologicals, cardiovascular, anti-diabetic and neurological drugs continue to top the growth list. The anti-infective, neurology, cardiovascular and anti-diabetic segments have witnessed a high number of new product launches in the recent years. With increasing number of non-insured population in our country and increasing healthcare expenditure to GDP resulting in people to opt for treatment options inside our country. THE MARKET SIZE OF INDIAN HEALTH SECTOR:- The Indian Healthcare market is estimated at about US$34 billion (FY 2006) The industry is expected to grow at 15% p.a., to reach US$79 billion by FY 2012 The large domestic market complemented by the inflow of medical tourists Medical tourists have increased almost 20-fold from 10,000 in 2000 to about 1,80,000–2,00,000 in 2006 GOVERNMENT AID:- 100% FDI is permitted for all health-related services under the automatic route Infrastructure status has been accorded to hospitals Lower tariffs and higher depreciation on medical equipment Income tax exemption for 5 years to hospitals in rural areas. MAJOR COMPETITOR:- Player Revenues (US$ million) Number of Hospitals Apollo Hospitals 225 41 Manipal Group NA 20 Market potential:- High-growth in the domestic market arising in health sector. Increasing health awareness: share in total private consumption expected to increase by 10%. Increasing penetration of health insurance. Rapid growth in private sector companies owning and managing hospitals. High-growth in medical tourism. Cost of comparable treatment is on average 1/8th to 1/5th of those in western countries. Opportunities exist in multiple segments along the value chain. Service providers: curative and preventive in primary, secondary and tertiary care. Diagnostics services: imaging and pathology labs. Infrastructure: hospitals, diagnostic centers. Health insurance: less than 10% of the population is covered by health insurance. The medical insurance premium income is expected to grow to US$3.8 billion by 2012. 44% growth in health insurance during 2006-2007. Healthcare BPO: medical billing, disease coding, forms processing and claims adjudication. Training: large opportunity for training doctors, managers, nurses and technicians Investment opportunity of over US$25 billion by 2010. Marketing Strategies Increased awareness image. Our first strategy is about the awareness of our hospital to the patients. Informing those not yet aware of what first care health offers. We will increase the awareness among the customers through proper advertising channel. Since in health sector word of mouth is best marketing tools we will hire agent on commission basis to increase awareness and for bringing patient too. Marketing Mix Product Service type Organization FIRST AID GROUP OF HOSPITAL Place Dehri, Lakhisarai Begusarai (Bihar), Price Varies from disease to disease. Promotion:- local cable newspaper (1,000,000) People:- We are targeting the patient Process:- Through brain storming of doctors Physical Avoidance Marketing plan:- Here we describe market conditions and strategies related to services. How it will be priced and promoted. For this we segment the market into similar group that will be based on different aspect on the hospital requirement to the market. Our target market is Dehri, Lakhisarai Begusarai (Bihar), because in this places there is no standard hospital giving medication services under one roof. We will use IMC tools for communicating our target market that will help to increase our market share. Product Input Sick Patient Process Treatment of dieses Output Healthy Patient Place We believe that place is not just about distribution it is about convenience too. If the services are not available where and when people need, it will create a lot of problems for customers. The physical place which we have chosen of our Hospital is bus stand road, near market known place for all the people. Another reason for that place so most of people, although, which are not our direct competitors, are operating in that area and awareness will be created frequently. Price Doctors Fee Consultant physician 50/- Physician 50/- ophthalmologist 50/- Ward and room charges per day Ward charges 200/- Single non AC room 300/- Singe AC room 500/- Double non AC 500/- Double AC 900/- ICU (intensive care unit) charges 600/- Promotion We will promote our Services through different types of promotions like Advertising Public relations We need one million (1,000,000) R.s for promotion. Advertising Medias: We have decided to use almost all types of advertising local media because we are the new entrants in the market. So, we have to aware and educate people to come to our hospital. Circulate Hand outs Advertise through Newspapers Through local Cable TV because it has made a major source of advertisement Billboards and banners People We are targeting the all age group of people. Process We are providing better health care unit, with unique innovation like, before treatment of any critical, first make a panel of doctors, when the sit together through brain storming it is zero chance to treat wrongly that are very much common in other hospitals. Physical Aviedance Our two doctors, Anesthetist and optometrist are well qualified and working in AIIMS,Delhi and another in dalgit singh eye hospital, Amritsar. Implementing the Market Plan After all above procedure accepted we will implement this marketing plan. Evaluating the Market Plan After implementing if we feel any deficiency in the plan then we evaluate it and again implement it till the desire outcome not satisfy us. But its very difficult to again make a market plan till startup. ORGANIZATIONAL PLAN:- Form of Ownership Form of Ownership in First Aid Hospital is based on Partnership so, the business will be performed on partnership basis. Partners and their terms of Agreement:- As the legal status of First Aid Hospital is based on partnership contract. All the partners will have equal responsibility to operate the business and all will be responsible for any wrong decision. All the partners have equal investment of Rs.200000 in the business and the ratio of profit and loss distribution will be equal. Location of building: This building is situated on bus stand road near market. Size of building: Area of building is ten (10)khatha and building having 3 floors. Rooms: It has fifteen single rooms and ten double rooms. A visiting lounge, rooms for staff (doctors) and for paramedical staff are also included. Hall: On ground floor there is 30Ãâ€"40 square feet hall, which is enough for a emergency. Personnel: Personnel are the assets of any company especially in the service sector. In our Hospital more than 80% personnel will be skilled based. We rank our personnel into different departments. Doctors: Consultant physician Physician Medical officers (M.O) ophthalmologist Anesthetic specialist Pharmacist Surgeon Pathologist Psychiatrists Paramedic staff: Nurses Dispenser Operation thither assistant Laboratory assistant Other personnel: Office boys Ward boys Gun men Ambulance driver Sweeper Gatekeeper Peons Hospital Equipment: When any business is going to be practically implement office equipment is essential for routine work established discipline and identifications of specific designations. Similarly, in our hospital three medical departments require some particular office equipments, which will be helpful in checking of the patients while check by the doctors. The most interesting thing is that our office equipment is quite different from other manufacturing organizations. These three departments have three offices and each office should contain following equipments. Stethoscope B.P apparatus Thermometer Laminator Otoskop Tongue depressor Torch Measuring tap Glucose monitor Pen stand Stationary Table lamp Office table Office chair Toys for children Weight scale All above listed materials should in every office for checking the patients because without equipment doctor is like the soldier without the weapon in war. Another thing, which we have in our mind that all the equipment should be, modernized enough in handily. After the description of doctors list now we explain some other product which will be compulsory for further hospital functioning. For this purpose, fist of all we describe finance office and the equipment needed for this is Computer Draw Safe Table furniture Operation Theater Equipment Operation lights Operation table Anesthetic machine B.P monitor Cardiac monitor Diathermy Suction machine Oxygen cylinder Nitrous cylinder Autoclave Equipment for Laboratory: Colorimeter Analyzer Microscope Centrifuge machine X-ray machine Chemicals Glucose meter Equipment for general ward and other rooms Incubator Sucker Machine Nebulizers ECG Machine Puls oxinator Oxygen Equipment Wheel chairs Weight Machine Stabilizers Stretcher Other equipment includes Stationary Air-conditioned Unit SUPPLIERS: Surgical Pharmaceutical Oxygen supplier Furniture supplier SURGICAL SUPPLIERS: These are the suppliers who will provide us the equipment and instruments necessary for surgery. Appasamy company provide us these equipments headquarter in chennai. Pharmaceutical suppliers These suppliers will provide us all types of medicines. Glaxo Smith Kline and Abbott companies will provide us all types of medicines. Oxygen supplier Furniture supplier These suppliers will provide us all kind of furniture. It includes a lot of suppliers some provide office furniture, others provide ward furniture. Intensive care unit (ICU) This operation is for those patient who is in critical condition and needs to be watched 24hr in the presence of nurse and when required at that moment doctor should also be available. In our hospital there will be 3 ICU. In ICU there will be one cardipgraph,oxygen,2 chairs,patient bed and other instrument. We have plan to spend 15 which 10 lakhs from our capital and 5 lakhs of a instrument on credit. Emergency This service is for those who need treatment without any delay or any formality of filling forms or norms. In our hospital we will have 20% of workforce for emergency because our location is near highway and accident occurs frequently. We have plan to take some instrument on lease and others second hand. We have also alloted 10lakhs for instrument. OPD (Out Patient Diagnosis) This service is for those patient who will come for check-up or diagnosis. Our aim is to reduce waiting time of the patient so that the patient will not have to suffer a lot from their diseases.we have decided to allot 50% of our workforce for it. We are also planning to provide internship for medical students or para-medics student. This will benefit both our organization as well as internee. We will get benefit because we will get skilled manpower with very low cost, They can handle early diagnosis and light problems of patient as well. For OPD we have plan to allot 1lakh. Dispensary:- For dispensary the organization have plan to invest 1lakh. Laboratory:- Since laboratory is very important for proper diagnosis of any disease properly. And for this variety for instrument and apparatus are used. For setting laboratory we are planning to invest Rs 350000.00 Eye department:- Since in our group optometrist and ophthalmologist are involved, so we are planning for specialized department. We have allotted 1lakh for this. Slit lamp-20000.00 Retinoscope-18000.00 Ophthalmoscope-12000 60D,90D- 20000.00 Indirect ophthalmoscope-30000.00 Surgery:- Operation theatre is very important part of any hospital. We have one operation theatre costing rupees 200000.00 Electric department: in hospital all the instrument run on electricity and there are very sophisticated so we have plan to also established electric department so the in regular interval the condition of all the wiring can be checked and any problem regarding this can solve easily. For established of electric department and other things we have plan to spend Rs1lakh. NGO(non-government oraganization):- We have also formed a NGO â€Å"innovative youth society† to get fund from international organization, local businessmen and from others.this fund will be utilized to give free treatment as well as medicine for extremly poor, so that no one has to suffer from disease due to lack of money.we have also planned to educate people about hygenic so that they can be healthy. HUMAN RESOURCE:-  ¡ Hospitals are an essential service. Throughout the world, hospitals are facing many challenge including increased costs, per capita decrease in government funding, technology that delivers both less invasive surgery band the capacity to deals with more complex medical interventions.  ¡ As such, one important area of improving and maintaining service delivery is to better manage the HR function and human resource more generally. In many cases this is complicated yet further because people working at hospital site are likely to be employed with specific knowledge by a range of different organizations both from public and private sectors. Our HR department will achieve the following objective in our hospital organization:- Functional objective:- Legal compliance Benefits Union management relation Organizational object HRM Employee Relation Selection criteria Training and development Appraisal Assessment HRM- since in our organization all the workforce are highly skilled so they are to be managed very carefully. Because in India there is lack of skilled labor in healthcare sector. Employee relation:- we have plan to keep proper relation with all the employee so should share all their problems and as much possible we may solve it. So that there satisfaction level may rise and they may become loyal to organisation. Selection criteria:- As we need skilled labor only so we will prefer internal recruitment as well as external too. Internal selection:-As doctor have contact with other doctor and nurse too, so there will be good chance to recruit internal. External selection:- we will also prefer external and for that we will prefer online recruitment. Training and development:- as medical sector is such sector which get changed everyday so it is very important to give training at time interval so that they can improve them self with time. Functional Objective:- Appraisal(360 DEGREE FEEDBACK) Placement Assessment( campus placement in medical colleges) The all objective under HR function will be done by the following department:- Director production Director finance Director personnel/HRM Director marketing Director RD Various study have attempted to link the management of human resources to patient mortality in acute hospitals. So, Through attracting and retaining good nurses through the HR practices magnet we may lower patient mortality rate. Productive measures:- There will be provisions of following act in organization- INDUSTRIAL EMPLOYMENT(STANDING ORDER ACT 1946) there will be provisions related to- Medical aid in case of accident. Railway travel facilities. Method of filling vacancies. Transfers. Liability of manager of the establishment or mine. Service certificate. Exhibition and supply ofStandingOrders. total number employed, number of permanent workmen, number of temporary workmen, number of casual Workmen,] number ofbadlisor substitutes, number of apprentices FINANCIAL OBJECTIVE:- Because its a service and product based idea so its require huge funds to start-up, and as they grow and expand, huge funds to maintain. So the debt-equity philosophy will be maintained. The initial investment to meet the contingencies is around 1.5 crore, will be taken by all the financial resources which will be possible and we will also divide the equal funds for our hospital chain into all five members. After that as well as business will grow then financial resources and all concerning resources will be maintained according to the company profit situation. Bibliography:-

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The Process Of Evolution And Evolution - 1679 Words

Sachs 1 Ella Sachs Mrs.Jarvis AP Biology April 6th, 2015 The Process of Evolution Evolution is â€Å"the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth,† Google. Google. Google, n.d. Web. 11 Apr. 2015. Evolution is the reason there is change in the genetic makeup of a population, the reason organisms are linked by common ancestors, and evolution is still happening today because of the constant change in environment. This paper focuses on these subjects within evolution and will explore all areas of the process of evolution that creates diversity and unity in life. One key component of evolution is natural selection. Natural selection is a theory, first presented by Charles Darwin, that is well known across the globe. It is the reason why there is change of genetic makeup in evolution. Natural selection is caused by the variation between generations, as well as the survival of different individuals with different combinations of traits. The theory poses that organisms with characteristics that increase their probability of survival will be given the chance to produce more offspring. This means that the organism is more â€Å"fit†. These offsprings are then given the benefiting characteristic. With time more variation throughout the species will develop. For an example of why evolution is dependent on natural selection Berkeley College talks about a population of beetles.Show MoreRelatedEvolution : A Forced Or Natural Process1200 Words   |  5 PagesEvolution: A Forced or Natural Process It all started with a bang, the creation of the universe begun with the expansion of one tiny-dense point. As time begun to pass planets began to form, one planet was able to evolve to the point where it was able to sustain life, human life in particular. Earth formed 4.5 billion years ago, this planet was the perfect distance from the sun, and in result Earth was the base for life. In the beginning stages of Earth life spawned from non-living organic compoundsRead MoreEvolution of 3M’s Innovation Process3096 Words   |  13 Pages1. Evolution of 3M’s innovation process 1.1 Shift in Management’s Goal on Innovations The innovation process shifted away from innovating incremental products or product line extensions to radical products that are completely new to the market. Emphasizing the importance of this shift, 3M’s top management has set a new objective to generate 30% sales from radical products. 1.2 Traditional Market Research Traditionally, 3M hired market researches to understand the market trends. Other marketRead MoreThe Evolution of the Federal Budget Process989 Words   |  4 PagesFederal spending is necessary for the economy and is essential to the accomplishment of national goals and advancement. This is why a budget is needed, however, there is no actual process mentioned in the Constitution that explains how Congress should do this. The Constitution states: No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to timeRead MoreThe History of Earth through the Process of Evolution691 Words   |  3 PagesEvolution is the process by which the majority of different kinds of living organisms are presumed to have developed and differentiated from earlier forms during the history of the earth. It is described as a variation of an organism to allow it to adapt to a new surrounding. The change is often very significant that a new species is formed (Scott,2014). As scientists engrossed in the theory of evolution, speculations about animals started to get involved. Camels are seemingly obvious examples thatRead MoreEssay on The Debate on Evolution as a Natural Process651 Words   |  3 PagesEvolution is said to have many definitions. There has been much debate over what the term actually means. To most, evolution is defined as a complex process of development over time. Evolution is a natural process. The topic of evolution is not at all simple or just black and white. It is a subject, which people have spent their whole lives studying. Not only is there biological evolution, there is cosmic evolution and natural evolution. We witness evolution every single day. It is the one thingRead More Evolution as a Creative Process Essay example968 Words   |  4 PagesEvolution as a Creative Process Evolution is a process that has taken billions of years, and will continue for billions more.It takes hundreds of generations for an evolutionary change to occur, or an impending extinction to become evident. Humans find it difficult to see themselves evolving due to their longer life span, and fewer generations over time compared to other species. It has become a common misconception that humans are finished evolving, and that they have reached the best and mostRead MoreApplication of Genetic Algorithm in the Process of Sound Evolution1817 Words   |  7 Pagescomprises the application of genetic algorithm in the process of sound evolution using Darwinian Theory of ‘survival of fittest’ whereby its emergent behaviour is employed to produce sound which evolves towards better solution by adapting to the environment over the numerous generations using its simple operations of selection, crossover and mutation. In the context of sound evolution, genetic algorithm has been used to evolve musical notes where the process of fitness function is employed to measure theRead MoreEvidence of Evolution in Fossil Records and the Process of Spontaneous Origins of Life728 Words   |  3 PagesThe fossil record can show evidence for evolution, by relative dating, and radioactive dating we can find evidence for evolution. Relative dating is the process of finding out the age of a fossil by comparing it to other fossils/rocks. This process helps us determine how old certain specific fossils are by comparing them to other fossils; comparing older ancestor fossils helps us see the physical evolutionary change as time goes on, index fossils are used to determine the age of the fossil. RadioactiveRead MoreEvolution is a complex process by which organisms change over time it is a process in which traits600 Words   |  3 Pages Evolution is a complex process by which organisms change over time; it is a process in which traits are passed from one generation to the next (Darwin and Beer 1996:108-139). Evolutionists have tried to explain the loss of functions of different organs, for centuries. The two most prominent scientists that studied evolution were Jean-Baptist Lamarck and Charles Darwin. Lamarck’s theory of inheritance of acquired characters and Darwin’s variational evolution were the most important theories thatRead MoreEvolution Is The Process Of Inheriting Traits Through Dna Over Successful Generations1319 Words   |  6 Pages Evolution is not just a story about where we came from, but an epic at the center of life itself. Evolution is the process of inheriting traits through DNA over successful generations. Charles Darwin, a naturalist and geologist synthesized a theory later known as Darwinism, which explains that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual s ability to compete, survive, and reproduce (Darwin, 1859). Humans